Saturday, August 27, 2011

Thanks for SPANX...but no public "SPANXING" for you sir, go to the GYM!

Hey guys this may come across as a surprise.Especially with all the new products catered to slimming down and staying in shape.I love Spanx...HALE! who don't??Anything that empowers women to keep the 'hotness' factor at 10."I don't see nothin' wrooong"( in my R.Kelly voice) with a little bit of sexy s-e-x-y! Unfortunately the buck stops there...
We(men) do have the uncanny ability to lose and gain weight alot easier than women in most cases.Stop the quick fixes gentlemen.Get yo' a** to someones gym. double time!!! Obviously like anything there are exceptions and those need to be heard by someone who really gives a sshhhut yo' mouth. Feel free to give yourself credit that you can do anything(thanx Mr. President) that you set your mind to. A little hard work may be required.sooo, If you need a flu shot or a Colonic cleanse after reading this please do so immediately!The excuses are piling up like the National debt. "Old war injury,weak bladder or your 401k doesn't cover you physically crackn' a da*n sweat".It's only one you friend,If I can't tell you(and you don't know me) how are your love ones gonna tell you. Look in the mirror.You already know, leave the Spanx to our beautiful women. Nice try though...MM