Thursday, September 1, 2011

XXXtra.. XXXtra..READ ALL ABOUT IT! The #1 thing you MUST NOT allow her to do..without you?

I've often wondered aloud when I see people together 'assuming' they're a couple (maybe)partners,BFF's,or just kickn' it...
 whatever the HALE sweetens your tooth.The women are dressed in something I've seen in a store,fashion mag or the 'idiot box'(for those that need subtitles..T.V).The men...well..*sigh*..not so much. We love our College/High School gear though. For the life of me I can' I refuse to understand why it takes a natural disaster(no pun intended) to get rid of the most abominable clothing we own and will not DARE!!! put on our pets(are you kiddin' me??? mess around and have P.E.T.A. on your a**)That's not to say we won't let 'porter' the family dog sleep on our favorite shirt. Only! after smashing that thingy in the corner she's insisting you do something about before it bites her.Alas she's getting ready so you two can have a fun and sexy night on the town...tadaaaa! she looks amazing..but stole the shirt back from porter the dog(he's growlin').No washing the shirt aaaannnnnd all of the wrinkles are in place(adds YOU say) with flip flops and yellowish toenails!Whhhaaa??? Repeat after me..I will not allow my Lady to go out on the town Runway Model hot and EVERY man that passes acknowledges just that..Then you wonder why all the puzzling looks are in your directions..grow up and attempt to dress like an adult...shhh without her laying out your clothes..MM