Thursday, October 27, 2011

What did you say about my mama? Your hairline is backed up like rush hour traffic..It's all trash talk! get over it..

I was a true believer of "sticks and stones may break my bones" growing up, but not so much for the "words will never hurt me"part...until exhibit A. school(elementary,middle and high) We called it jonin, snappin' or 'gettin heated up. Then exhibit B. sports! any type(to include 'tether ball' at recess)...It becomes more mental then...some of us(yes including myself) trash talked with the best of them ( MJ,Reggie Miller..HALE! even the Drill Full Metal Jacket would've been poud).I  don't know when it became criminal to insult someones jump shot or call ole dude a 'mamas boy' every time he throws a football. Have we really become that damn sensitive in society? I've heard more men whining in the media about what someone said to them on the battlefield(ring,court,football and racetrack).I'm concerned with the state of the union right now. I count at least 6 reality t.v. shows with broads(for credibility they sprinkled in a few real womencursing, fighting and spitting regularly..... and that's cool! They get a 'skanky' nickname, a new stylish gay bff with a talk show to boot...geez! Trash talk is mental, it's not meant to hurt, just to distract your attention from what you're doing.So now I get it, the world needs to understand you can't take being challenged outside of your comfort zone...we hear you loud and clear Mr.Soft Serve.I have two words for you "tighten up"! If you're the man of your house and/or you have kids how are YOU suppose to teach them to be strong in the face of adversity...yeah you Mr. "he hurt my feelings cause he "trash talked" me...really???It's just talkin' ssshhh... learn how to do it, it's actually fun if you learn how to do it and return the favor. I'm thru waxin' on about this..MM