Sunday, October 9, 2011

Why wearing Mom jeans are the worse advice since ...shakin' your...?

Where should I start with this one. How about since the creation of FABRIC! Yeah that's right, nooo I'm not kidding. Pause!!..That look you have on your face at this very second is priceless,because it's either"I can't believe he just said that" or "Duhhh!! everyone knows that"..
 I would say instead of #1 it's 1b.Only second to the guy in a teeth clinching shameful public workout with a shake weight.(the 'Uncle Ruckus' stinkeye..that's all I have to say).Mom jeans just sound lazy.That's the first thing that comes to mind when those words are uttered. Not sexy,hot or even "aiight..I see she still has it!" Nope, just lazy.You and I both know you're far from that. Jeans made to look and feel like you're still in your pajamas all day. Really??? Why?Even if you don't enjoy or have time to shop for yourself, at least make a modest attempt to look and feel like you care. I've heard comfort is key these days.You can most assuredly find a non expensive(whatever your price range)pair of jeans that compliment your figure and allow you to look and feel like the M.I.L.F you are(and if you aren't now, you most definitely can be) Sorry I had to speak on this from the heart. No disrespect but why not gracefully age...I mean married or unmarried we still have eyes to appreciate the scenery.The absolute worse thing to do or feel is that you have him/her so now you stop! trying or caring about how you appeal to them anymore...Wrong answer...wrong's not how late you found out but,what are you gonna do about it...Just say no to Mom jeans...MM