Tuesday, September 27, 2011

How's life treating you... "beadie bead?"

I was just wondering? when is it safe to say "take those beads out of your head...RIGHT NOW!?"Somethings we understand and then....
 There are those things that will never be understood(don't stress it) If you're still rockin' braids and do NOT have an inside track on the NFL,NBA or Music, you're lost right now.I'm thinking your angle is to be a reality star with bad hygiene,bad hair and a grill or hmm...let me think...The town idiot doing stand-up comedy(you had me at hello) In search of a reality show(that's the new "what I want to be when I grow up") I can't help you with that friend. I believe you're on the right track, obviously you enjoy standing out. Suffice it to say,but I'll say it anyway...get a haircut!At the very least take those d**n beads out of your head.P.S....P.S...P.S... If you live out west,born on the west coast or a real pimp.... I'm not speaking to you and whether I understand it or not I wasn't born out west and from what I've seen from pimps...that's the uniform(and it's been working this long)I'm just saying, you may want to take your look serious... that is if you mean business or about your business...MM