Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Gentleman gentleman haven't you learned yet... it's the little things!!!!

I'm sure the world has not lost it's moral compass when it comes to 'courting'. I know I know, given the language of today I'm risking a high probability of getting unfollowed,unliked and even UNFRIENDED!!!ph*ck it,I'm daring..shoot me..I want to start out by saying "I would love to make it rain"...as a matter 'o fact I'm not picky I'll take precipitation with a strong chance of showers!That being said...I'm telling a 'lie'.. no matter how cool it sounds...it's corny and stupid(you get the 2 for 1 special) nope I refuse to say why. That would mean me assuming you're a dumb ass in 2000 anything!!! Just throwing away money because you brought to much with you.(another time, another place and I will get into it)I will say this s-l-o-w gents."It's the little things that count". never forget the little things fellas.MM