Saturday, December 10, 2011

Why so serious...loosen up,laugh crack a smile."check your cool" at the door.

Duhh? you're out on a date. what's up with icy demeanor. I try to understand why you would agree to put yourself through an uncomfortable situation. Especially if the whole time you're stacking the deck against all that dares enter a 1on1 conversation.I'm sorry 'why so serious'? No one is having fun including you?When was it all about applying for a position and credit checks?I thought chemistry and laughing at cornyazz jokes was something you could build on.The fun is out of dating today.You may date some 'loons' before you find someone that really "get you" and vice versa, but THAT'S the adventure! I'm not always right by no means.What I am though is trusting in my ability to learn from prior experiences and not to ignore my gut.Lighten up..let someone know who you are..not just what you do for a living.Also look at yourself alone in a mirror and ask yourself "Am I interesting"? It's a valid question.You may need to work on you!Everyone in the right light or given the right libation is sexy,handsome or fine.Pay attention to the STOP signs. Ultimately this is suppose to be something to put him/her at ease, check your cool at the door...being 'too cool' or having an icy exterior is rude and self involved. No one should have to impress another human being for worthiness of a date?..sorry someone is "pi**ing on your head and telling you it's raining" because you are NOT that important,But! you may still be wondering why you 're still alone.....MM