Monday, January 23, 2012

The 4 Unofficial Rules to the Official "handshake" bet...just between us men

Try to keep up as we travel down the 'rabbit hole' #1 Trust: before the thought of a wager is even uttered out of any one's mouth. You already know the person is trustworthy without running a "credit check". You know because of #2 the eyes to the soul: Real men live and die by the same G-Code(#guy code) everywhere!!! It matters not race,religion or class.If you're man enough to throw down a gauntlet and make/take a challenge, your character is on the line. **Note to women**most times the prize is never worth the challenge. We simply don't want to lose the bet...any BET! It really is that simple. Think of the Dukes in the movie Trading places (circa 1983) all of the havoc they caused for the sake of not losing the handshake bet! $1.00. The next one has lost it's substance with the younger generation but it's as important as your name.#3 Your word: It's that simple, If your word has no substance everyone will indeed know your name but not in a good way. Remember this slogan, "Your word is your BOND" I'm sorry gentlemen as a man the bar was set many many years before The Constitution was written..No it's not just slang or rap lyrics. Learn it,then earn it that's the ONLY way no shortcuts.last but not least #4 The Handshake: Lock it down! Not to be taken for granted this last detail is equal to 'signing the dotted line.The handshake must be performed all at once**alert*alert*alert (A firm grip is required) trust,the stare, your word and your bond seals the deal of the Unofficial Official rules to the oldest merger on record.. The handshake..MM