Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Love Love Love!! American Style..well sort of...interested?

I may have dated myself slightly with the title of this hit t.v show of the late 60's early 70's. Who cares at this point. I'm appreciative to be able to recall such classic nostalgia. My point though has nothing to do with the t.v. show. I grew up in an Era where fathers(or maybe it was just mine) grunted and hit you with the 'head nod', or maybe a 'knuckle nookie' and a love tap in the chest as acknowledgement of LOVE..
. It was many years later when I heard my guy actually say the words...I was caught off guard for a second. Surely he misspoke..I mean my pops was the coolest cat' I knew. I even nicknamed him 'Ole school Cool'... but called him 'Ole School' in public for short...but he knew..yeah he knew. What I wanted to know was when? Wait! What did you say? He said it again..I Love You Man. I stared at him and he smiled back at me. I was in my 30's at this point. Now for some of you this may sound absurd, but my father never said it to me and my brother growing up. He most definitely showed us in every way he could, he just never verbalized it..until now. Yes, I'm quite sure in these enlightened times he would've been sued in court for mental cruelty or shamed on Twitter and Facebook, but like I said different Era. He was still teaching me GROWTH as a man. No long conversations needed but he did apologize to me for not saying it to me earlier in life.My friend...my role model was apologizing to me and still showing the eternal metamorphosis of becoming a man, and you know what? He was still the coolest guy I knew hands down. Fast forward in life and it's challenges someone very close sat down with me like my father did, but this time he was telling me how cool I was to him! Then he said it to me I Love You Man. He inspired this blog post actually and affirmed again you're never too Manly or to cool to say..I love You..Man!..but he knows....yeah he knows.MM #growth#man#lifestyle