Monday, November 18, 2013

The Pain in the A$$ guy!!!

The pain... the person that chafes areas of your body you can't soothe in know'em. Even when in your presence it hurts your feelings not to lay hands on them(I've just seen Due I know you've warned this person about when you see red) The most baffling thing about this person is they know and could care less about being "phucking" annoying to anyone within earshot. Anything serious going on and they seem to find time to crack an inappropriate joke/gesture(I was just playing is the quote of the moment or a dumbfounded expression of I just 'shat' my pants look on their face). No one takes you remotely serious, why you ask?
PERCEPTION is the reality of life for most people. They're not even going to take the time to get to know you #realityt.v. You're the pain in the a$$ guy! Everything about you is...well...a joke!(per the perception you've created for yourself) for lack of a better word. Women tend to express things to them that are important for companionship, friendship and happiness. Annoying a$$hole pain in the a$$ guy, I found barely hanging at the bottom of the list. There's always a segment of society that enjoys the pain... i.e. there's a segment of society that love "Biiaaatchess" similar analogy with about 6 degrees of separation. Start paying attention to your surroundings(**hint** women may amuse us by starring in our general direction, but they could care less what level we achieved in Call of Duty) people enjoy talking if you have time to listen( pay particular close attention to women **hint**) I'm just sayn'..MM