Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Too cool to work?...I hope a passing trend.

It's 2014 people! I hope Too cool is NOT the new Ish! I'm talking about today's lack of work ethic in adult fully formed men! I remember years ago hard working was a trait to be proud of and men had to have it across the board in spade period! It was understood without question. To get the pretty girl to go out on a date... The job/promotion or business whatever was needed, but hard work and elbow grease was required. I've since been witnessing the coddling of men in America specifically.... As a man that's whom I address with a perplexed look.Understand when I say this post addresses a trend(hopefully passing) of men being too cool to work(a regular j.o.b. mind you). A trait needed to survive and navigate today's world and a necessity you can't afford to go without.I was always under the impression working hard for your money...legally!..(sigh,sad I still have to include that disclaimer but whatever man) was great for your self esteem(swag) and did more for your look than any materialistic item you could buy. Ask for a clue or buy a vowel, #Alex Tribek is rapping answers on jeopardy! He may give you a few: What is you need one?..answer: A work ethic!! Tightened up soft shoe!! Ask around..know that sex appeal comes with a steady job(or able to maintain one) and a work ethic attached to it..always did.There are other things in life that you may need help with..But This..THIS ISH RIGHT HERE!! It's alll you homeboy no excuses. Don't get left behind keeping your #swag alive or busy trying to #turn up saying #it is what it is...I'm just sayn.MM