Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Diary of a Wimpy A$$ Kid(Man)..

Stop..stop! Hold the hell on. I've written about the sign of the times lately and "nice guys" finishing first. Somewhere in the proverbial laundry chute a few signals may have been crossed...A WIMP! was #not to be mistaken for being a nice guy. Being a wimp is something you may not readily admit(I can dig it). Obviously it's something you wouldn't shout from the rafters, but something that's definitely curable. Security for women is one of the most popular answers given(even from the most independent) when asked questions about what they need to"FEEL" in a relationship(PG-13 version ladies)...
Back to you my friend.To be viewed as a wimpy man?..hmm lets ponder that. There's nothing less appealing to your woman/significant other(you being the supposed dominant figure) of them continued taking on the masculine role with you allowing it to happen. Showing them no sign of a tangible backbone(banana back and Carpet Man are names regularly flung in your direction) on the horizon and you see nothing wrong with it. I would really like to wax on about how to grab your cojones, But I definitely believe certain things are apart of the maturation process.To be a nice guy in a world 'chock' full of a%%holes is not always appreciated. Every corner you turn seems to multiply by 2 with every 'winter vortex'...But a Wimp as a grown a%% man is never a good look. When you stand up for yourself the immediate sense of gratification and adrenaline rush(shout out to #twister) is undeniable.Try'll like..I promise. Once you do it turn as fast as you can to your significant OR tell them what you did. Stood up for yourself if they're not around and watch the immediate smile of gratification...and this time the adrenaline rush will be appropriate for later..wink wink...MM