Friday, July 3, 2015

GOOOOD Morning East St. LOUIS!!! pardon my fresh..'The Boogie'..

I had a random thought..This by no way me being disrespectful to the 'Boogie down Bronx.' I would however like to ELEVATE a city in Illinois that's NOT anything like anywhere you've witnessed. A place where the buffalo's and Mudfoots( Fat Albert circa 1972) roam. Some stay to hold the forte. Others move on to tell the tale of the city affectionately known as 'the Boogie'. It sharpened edges long before I knew I needed one. Also, what it meant in future endeavors throughout life!...period. This is two-fold for me..'The Boogie' and the rearing of my older brother Antonio( YES! I dropped his government) in said boogie..I would love to tell you how Ice cold he was in them streets..sheeiiit!..THAT'S A LIE! Tony is goofy as HALE If you know him! But you'd love him all the same..Oblong body shape with eyes so small he earned the nickname "Chinese n***a" as a kid (school was different..sorry for the UN-political correctness of the language but, meh). The 70's and 80's in 'the boogie' were the times, It was a vitally important for me. Not just about girls, joning,ranking or buying clothes getting thorough..etc.For me it was Tony, T-rock TNT,Master prepping, poplocking and break dancing UNLIMITED! And yes before you ask THAT was his introduction.. dammit man! I'm glad to be from a place that the status quo was "Iron sharpening iron" daily. Your mettle..MY mettle was tested by my big bro before I stepped out into the city. Where the guarantee was real, no pop quizzes about life here. You will be tested!..En garde young man.."On your guard I say." Arm yourself with the knowledge of understanding what you're about to face, no slight of hand needed. The sparring and brotherly squabbles I had with tony prepared me for the daily grind. No "soft shoeing" for my guy when it came to the verbal( the knowledge was like second hand smoke straight from San & Merle). Despite his demeanor or what it seemed outside the crib..He wore a lot of "stripes" in place of his little bro..A many of days man..A many of days..Am I my brothers keeper..I didn't know that was a question..I grew up with my very own odd shaped, goofy ass big brother Superhero thing happening....#goodmorningeaststlouis..Love is Love..MM