Sunday, August 16, 2015

Manhood O'Manhood where art thou!..YOU START MISSIN..The streetz START talkin..!

Mmmm..I like the sound of that...#MANHOOD( The voice in my head is of Mr.Hand while stroking my invisible goatee...Fast times at Ridgemont High#classic). I was under the impression that entering the "Secret Society of Man" I was 'gettin' INCHES boy! A slew of them, spread all over for good measure..if you must know I was hoping to Yes taller! We'll go with that(It's still a PG-13 blog). Was I sorely pissed! What I did get was a wealth of knowledge that eluded me..just learning to PEE straight with some consistency "whew" I thought I was doomed!  Side-note: The free spirit in me love the fact that certain decisions were made recently that allowed 'people to be people'. I diiiig! Enough of that, back to my soap box..
I've often contended that I/We as men need change in some areas of our daily..but certain I'll say "FEATURES" should stand as defiant as say a..flag!?! My memories of tough guys did #NOT show them as being unkind or not being chivalrous, quite the opposite..Hale the earliest stories I heard about my Uncle Marvin Sr. was something I used to scare friends in the projects while having 1 up stories. His #manhood was/is intact like a chastity belt. Merle said his nickname was 'Thug be damned' or SUMTHN on the corner(blocks came later ya'hearrrd) don't quote me on the name. You know how 2nd hand info can be( pops is no longer chillin' with us)..
Sooo my point is he never sacrificed being affectionate, showing compassion, or A gentleman towards Aunt Jewel or anyone else(even thru a scowl and him yelling "AIGHT NOW GONE" we loved it!)..I've had different positive male and female influences throughout my life. It wasn't okay til the next time. Teaching moments were exactly that, plus I was THEIRS until I grew into a man of today..The Millennium Man of today. Those moments were never used to embarrass..nah.It had more to do with growth. Things are progressing so fast we sometimes make conscious decisions to leave behind shiiit..we've outgrown. As you enter or walk thru the "Secret Society of Man" these are just a few things OFF TOP! Among a host of others that I think will serve you well to 1st. learn 2nd no brainer: keep 3rd As it was done to it forward..GONE..MM