Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Say Man!! HEYYY!..Which "FRIEND" did you ask to co-sign thaaaaat!?!?..

The aha! moment is upon you. At this very moment your outlook on life is paramount to becoming the 2.5 version of yourself(I only know of one guy in the year 3000! and he resides in the A.(tlanta) have been for a while..chillin! (What up 3!) murdered the fur leggings #lightyears.. The biggest mistakes I've seen thus far are MEN confusing 'ish' that's just for chicks.. pink toes. slim goodies ..WOMEEN damn it! That's trending at the moment. If you're like most, we live in the moment..FOR..the moment( at least I do)..I follow a few trends, as most of us do. I'm also mature enough to understand. I know when to practice restraint of certain looks, and for me that's foremost! I've been known to posses a certain young spirit(clothes included) Even though it may be the hottest SH*T IN THEM STREETZ  pimpn!!! #ducklips and pouty lips are a NOOO GOOO  hell naw..cut it out! Who co-signed that look? Which one of your supposed friends said "go ahead press send"?..It was a  joke! they made a funny!?! Hehehahah see just playing?!? No one took you serious. Sharing straight 'gobbage'...FOOL
I'm a guy so pics of women with pouty lips or the #duckface look is almost prerequisite at this point. I'm good with that. What I am tired of seeing is that same look on a GUY trying to impress a woman/women..WTF!?! This falls into the infamous Shake Weight category(if you must know read previous post"The Shake Weight 1/14/11). Be careful gentleman, It doesn't matter how many 'half baked' ideas you come up with or you are forced to endure while checking your social media accounts. THIS IS NOT FOR YOU! Of course it's kinda corny, yep goofy too..sprinkle in a bit of sex appeal and that's why we like it on WOOMMEEEN, but you MY DUDE!..#fuckouttahere.. you need attention buy a dog. Only  and I mean only If..corny, goofy azz dude is the new stanky azz leg or #nene..Because you can draw a double line threw ANYTHING dealing with sexy or masculine. Unless you've got that Elvis curl working for you just delete these pics DON"T press send....#men#women#dating. I'm out!..MM