Sunday, June 26, 2011

Are you wearing au deToilette' water? please try some of my cologne...I insist!!!

I've often been asked about the colognes I wear.Even getting asked why do I care so much, I say"Why NOT"!  Whether it's for business or casual we tend to judge when meeting people.As men sometime we miss the boat completely on personal hygiene. Although when meeting women we have unbelievable expectations, They give us the benefit of the doubt...but the Nose...Knows!!!  face cringing bad breath or body odor that's so criminal you should have a shoe thrown at your head!(like ole G.B.) rest assured they will let you know...rather quickly. Think about what happens when someone smelling incredible walk past you...your head pops up like a newborn baby in the crib.You embrace your inner Wolverine and track down that wonderful scent...Oh sh** that's what WOMEN do. Sad to say most men only put forth effort when it's forced on them. We love our cars though! or whatever 'new' gadget we can't live without.Do yourself a favor. stop rubbing the tube socks you pulled off last night on your clothes and around your neck.??? Security alert: Egyptian musk really stinks when it's over used and its not the ONLY scent out your homework as you would do to find out when you can 'pre-order' Call of Duty 4 or5..HALE u get it!...MM