Sunday, September 25, 2011

Are those jeans NEW!?! ladies do NOT let that compliment fall on deaf ears...This 1 time

hellooo ladies the 'Rocket Scientist' here. You must listen to me on this.I've taken numerous studies and have attended 40acres and a mules worth of gatherings to say without a doubt..
You may have to do a physical search yes..and it may be tedious and time consuming from trying on more than one pair.**WARNING**WARNING:Google search will not work on this topic!!! If picked wrong you will either walk like a stick is up your arse Or The fit makes your arse resemble a bag of dirty laundry back there. If you have a husband, boyfriend or FWB(friend with benefits) take your cues from him.If you took your time to buy a nice pair just wear them around him.I promise he will let you know what he thinks is sexy.We are always gawkin' at you when you're not lookin anyway.All of us aren't wordsmiths and suave with the compliments,but if you listen close enough he will probably smile, grunt or lick his lips excessively as you saunter by.Take that as music to your ears it may not get any better than that. Know your body type.everything is not for everyone, there are pllllenty of nice jeans that you can wear..listen...listen...listen I hear if repeated 3 x's it tends to stick in your mind or something like that....MM