Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What's the rush...Not! so fast out of the bathroom Sir Lancelot... brush your teeth, wash your face..SOMETHING!!!

To primp or NOT.( no Jim Rome here) but yes I'm burnin'! The whole minimalist movement is definitely in full effect. I try to abide by the rule of thumb when applying colognes and the infamous t.m.i.(too much info). Less is always a good motto to follow in this circumstance. With everything in fast forward these days it's hard not to be in a rush..instant messaging or twitter.Whatever the situation is we want it now or in a hurry to do it now. That's cool... but, wassup' up with the break neck speed in which you dart out of the bathroom in the morning.The 'no look pass' by the Scope/Listerine.
. Your Axe body spray is open...yes! It's used to cover up the smell from the constant abuse of the porcelain god.What about dabbing water around your eyes and mouth to remove the eye boogers or crust after a hard sleep?? Naahhh that's for the pretty boys I guess. Be still my heart there are still colleagues and family members that love you enough to offer you a stick of Dentyne! Noooo you giv'em the 'Heisman trophy pose'. and say "GUM HURTS MY TEETH".Really? Just no foolin you I guess. 'ole smartypants'.
Listen, every grown man...say it with me growwwn! Has a bathroom regime.If by reading this you don't have one then develop one. The tricky part is as you get older it becomes slightly longer.Only because you're slower and it takes a lil longer to get that 'Old Thing back'. I really can't tell you how long it should be other than it NEED to be done...daily. It should be longer than 3 minutes and shorter than an hour.Either way it better be shorter than any woman that you are currently involved with..sorry that's just the way it is..."you betta check yourself before you wreck yourself"...MM