Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Bathroom Etiquette

This a strange subject to address but it needs to be addressed all the same. The bathroom for me and most men that I've talked to for the most part has remained unchanged, and I have to say I like that! Less is definitely more in this case. Aside from the "bathroom Nazi" or the "spray pimp" with the cologne bottle inside the bathroom at your upscale club. The bathroom is a place of a small bit of quiet time. Maybe not for long, but it  may be all you have to get you thru that date,your kids tantrums or your significant other,just to catch your breath! What I'm finding is the alarming rate at which there is a NEED to hold a conversation while on the toilet on the phone!?! Are you kidding me! not hold on a second, let me call you back in ten minutes...NO? It's that important to talk about whats for dinner, or what club you wanna meet up at while you are taking a SH**! In a public bathroom. In private we all do what we do,but if you really want to get in-touch with your feminine side...you're #1 with a bullet. This is the men's room gentlemen, if you walked into wrong one the "chatty cathy" i.e. WOMENS restroom is next door and we do accept your apology. If this is you...I got nothin but the blank mother stare!