Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Who are you kidding...MAN?

The reason why I posed this topic as a question is simple. Theres another ongoing trend that I've seen, read and heard that needs a response. Other than manicure I don't see the need to add/replace a word with "man"to make it sound or feel masculine. This a case for the new/old catch phrase "It is...What it is". Sandals are just that, not Mandals. Eyeliner(don't ask, once again I got nothin) is just that, not Man-liner! A purse is a Murse? Whaaat?!? Just stop it already with the name calling. If you aren't comfortable enough to be doing whatever you're doing without changing the name, so IT and ultimately YOU can be accepted, then you shouldn't be doin it. My question is what has changed in the last 50yrs that we have to start renaming items in the Millennium? One would think the narrow mindedness of years past would have gave way to the broad scope of future progressions. Such is life, the answer to that question... resounding NO! The fact we are technologically advanced and put people on the moon(supposedly). I constantly see advertisements for Real men wear pink. The fact that we've progressed in some areas but still have to validate being manly enough to wear a color! Listen we're in the Millennium and you are a man period. If you need your passport stamped for approval, let someone know. Otherwise a purse is still a purse, and eyeliner is definitely still eyeliner, Sad to say people are still people...and they do judge, so MAN UP!