Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Lip service and a side of Pearly Whites!

Ahhh Lips,truely one of lifes' most beautiful gifts. Some skinny, some FULL and even FLUFFY . We lick them excessively and obviously lick them to draw attention to ourselves.Trying to look suave and debonair for the l-a-d-i-e-s! but we don't always take care of our "soup coolers". I'm sooo tired of the opposite sex stopping me or commenting on the nice looking guy with teeth like a jackal... lips that shouldn't be seen in public, let alone kissing anyone ANYWHERE! SPOILER ALERT...super wet lips, Churches chicken lips or whatever you are using to make your lips extra shiny is a NO GO! plain and simple... you look suspect.Ok, now having chapped bottle openers aren't the trick either. Sad to say you have to find a happy medium between extra crispy and spicy.If you smoke carry chapstick, anything there's  no excuse.Alas not all of us have money for veneers or cosmetic dental surgery,but if you are considering yourself a GROWN A** Man you may want to take note. If you've been out of school(middle,high or college) at least 10yrs and have been successfully working the whole time and managed to attain a few cars,rims  and jewelry while living at your girlfriends or in your moms' basement.FIX YO GRILL...don't you go another day with your mouth looking like you been biting bricks!Prioritize, it's time to step your game up a 'smidge'! Buying all those shiny baubles for girlfriends that you possibly won't have in your 30's.Do something for yourself that may last you a lifetime.Just covering them up with gold and jewels will only make it worse. SORRY!