Tuesday, January 4, 2011



 Wow!! did he really just go there?...We are in a recession right? I mean.... don't we have enough to talk about with jobs and economy in the crapper?!? Why yes, yes we do, but I digress.... why have a Christmas wreath of hair growing along the sides of your head like a half eaten sausage... with an airstrip down the center WHAT! Especially in todays society where BALD is beautiful. Even if you didn't choose to go the bald rout, there are still a few hair restoration places that seem to do great work. In any event!!! keep it buzzed low! It will give you a little edge, not so Ron Howard(Opie from happy days). Instead of letting it get you down attack it! You don't want to be the one with a "fresh" haircut and a hairline backed up like traffic....smilin! cheesin! all 32's glowin and stop combing that wispy two or three pieces over that bald spot like its going to make a difference,it's stillll there, now worse.It's nothing wrong with gravity taken over at some point, but by alll means with STYLE AND GRACE..