Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tat..Tat...Tatted UP!

You put a tattoo where? Tattoos are very special to me. I think I'm like most people and put a little time and effort in finding something to etch into my skin. I truely enjoy the beautiful artwork,Ideas and religious creations that go into them. This isn't about the love of tattoos though, this about the where? Your body is a canvas of empty places,so why your face? Unless you are writing(not planning on it) but right now writing your own checks, at some point in your life you will probably work for someone else other than your MOTHER! As you know we all have faces our own mother could love. Brace yourself I know you stumbled and spilled your Caramel Macchiato(mak-i-ato) but a tattoo on your face in this economy is vitually career suicide. Yesss, I know you wanna show your inner "gangsta" trust and believe these are soon becoming regrettable decisions as you enter Manhood! Scary as he** for some of you but thats the name of the game...men 1st and Millennium Men hopefully. Entertainers are just that entertainers! It may be here today and gone by next photo shoot. They have the money and resources at their disposal, so next time you want to "Rep your cityyy" that's great....just not on your face>>